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New Single

"Too Scared of the Fall" out now

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Joseph Elias Better in a Song Album Photo Cover
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About Me.

Hi there,

If you're just finding me for the first time, thanks for visiting! A little bit about me: I'm a singer/songwriter from Northern Virginia, I suppose you could say I write pop songs, but I'd like to think it's my own unique blend of sound, lyrics, melodies, influences and ideas. I have a deep love of creative writing, and my melodic instincts help to form them into structured songs. I make what I personally think is great and what I want to hear. I don't know very much but I know my taste and I trust it wholeheartedly. If you happen to share in that taste, and you also like what I think is cool, then I'd love for you to stick around and be a part of it. Follow me on your preferred music platform and sign up for the newsletter to stay informed! 

- Joseph

Support My Music

A lot goes into driving my music out there, if you'd like to support and contribute to that, financial donations are welcome and appreciated.



Send me a message or a question. Just nothing weird. 

Thank You!

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